Creating Lessons, Units and Courses on EdHero

Creating Lessons, Units and Courses on EdHero

How can I create a lesson?

  • If you are already inside your account

Go to your account dashboard and click on lesson as shown in the image below. OR

faqs on offered online courses

From the top menu click on Create and then select lesson


This will open the lesson editing page where you can add all the information related to the lesson.

Can I attach standards to my lesson?


You can attach state standards or common core standards directly to the lesson, unit or the course that you create.


You can custom create your own standards and attach to the lessons.

To attach “Standards” open the lesson, unit or the course to which you want to attach the standards.

Follow the steps below to attach standards to your lesson:

  • Click on Standards, present right under the main menu bar


  • Select one of the three options out of Common Core, Custom Standards and Additional Standards. Select the Subject, followed by Grade –> Domain –> the actual Standards. Click “Save and Exit” when done. The standards will appear on your lesson. The steps are shown in the visual format below :






Can I download the lesson I created? How?


There are two places from where you can download your created Lessons, Units or Courses

  • By clicking ”Download” present on the top right-hand corner download button as shown in the picture below and selecting the type of download you want (Zip, PDF, SCORM)


  • Under “My Library” selecting the type of download you want after clicking on the “three dots” next to the item you want to download. Picture below,


What are the items on the right side of the lesson creation page?

Now, here it gets interesting.

We want to give you all the resources you might need, when creating a lesson, at one place and therefore we added this right side bar to the lesson creation page. From this right sidebar, you can access Khan Academy videos and drag/drop them to your lesson sections, you can drag and drop YouTube videos, images from Google, links from Google, attach items from Google Drive and Dropbox. We will be adding more items to this bar in future based on your suggestions. If you have a suggested item that you want there then just let us know and we will include that too in the list.

Note: A lesson is made out of sections (like learning objective, Materials etc.). Each section can only hold ONE dragged item at a time and if you want another item in that section then the new item will replace the initial dragged item. However, you can attach multiple items as an attachment from the computer using the “attach” button under each section.


I don’t see a section that I want to use in my lesson. What should I do?

If you don’t see a section you want to use then simply create your own section using following steps.

 Here are the steps

  • Add any section (say Learning Objective) to the lesson from the lesson edit page (by clicking on Add Additional Standards)


  • When the section is added to the lesson, click on Add Content as shown in the picture below.


  • Change the name of the section to the desired name and click save. You are all set to go!


I don’t see my state standards in the standard list. What should I do now? Can you please add them so that I can use them in my lessons?

Absolutely. Leave us a message and we will add your desired standards in the standards list. As an alternate you can add the custom standards to your lesson if you don’t find a particular standard you are looking for.

To add a custom standard to the lesson follow these simple steps:

  • Click on Standards, present under the main menu bar as shown in the picture below


  • From the following screen click on Custom Standards


  • Click on “Create Custom Standards”


  • Fill in the details and click “Save and Exit


The custom standard will be added in the list of custom standards (under the grade you selected while creating it) from where you can now attach to the lesson.


The Custom Standard will get attached to the lesson and will appear under standards as shown below


Can I sell the lesson that I created? How can I do that?

Yes, you can sell the lesson, unit or course that you have created on the EdHero platform.

Steps to sell your created resources

  • Go to “My Library” either from the main menu bar or through the top right hand corner drop down items (My Resources)


  • Find the lesson that you wish to offer for sale and then click on “Send to Store”. Make sure that the lesson, unit or course that you are planning to offer for sale is 100% ready for sale because once it’s on the store for sale you will not be able to edit the item (but can delete it from the store, if in case you need to).
  • Click Ok when ready.


  • If the lesson, unit or course is created on the EdHero platform then the grade, subject, standards will automatically get filled for you.
  • Fill out the remaining details of the product item and click on save.


  • The product will be added to your store and you can see it under “Products on shelf” present under “My Store”.

Is there anything I should know before putting my lesson on sale?

Checklist prior to uploading the resource for sale

  1. The lesson is complete and the buyer will not need to buy anything else in order to use the resource
  2. Copyright – make sure you reviewed the general copyright guidelines and that your content is not infringing anyone’s rights. Talk to our copyright lawyer in case you need to ask anything specific.
  3. The lesson is complete and you don’t have to make any further edits to the particular version of the resource before sale.
  4. That you need to register your PayPal account with us in order for us to pay you after the resources are sold.

I need to add a co-author to my lesson. How can I do that?

Follow these steps to add a co-author to your lesson

From the lesson editing page click on add a co-author button present on the blue strip (below the main menu bar) as shown in the picture below


Enter the details under the Task Details tab and then click Next.


Enter the name of the teacher whom you want to collaborate with, type of permission you want to provide along with the percentage share of the resource (if the resource is sold for a price). Click on Add as Author.


You can also edit the percentage share or change the permission of the co-author in the future.


How to use a commenting system when co-authoring a lesson?

You can leave comments next to each section of the lesson and this feature come even more handy when you are co-authoring with another teacher because it helps all the co-authors meet each other’s expectations.

On every lesson creation age/lesson editing page there is a small message like symbol next to every section which stores all your comments. Here is how it looks,


You can enter your comments for each section and your co-authors will be able to see your comments and will be able to mark them as OPEN or RESOLVED. They will also be able to comment back.


Where can I find my lesson that I created in past?

You can find all your lessons that you have created in past under “My Library” which is present under “My Resources”


Can I combine my lessons to create a unit? How?


You can combine your individual lessons to form a unit. To do that, create a Unit by either clicking on the CREATE button on the main menu or through your dashboard.


From the unit edit page fill in the details for the unit outline and then click on Create New Lesson present on the top of left-hand sidebar.


  • Give your Lesson a title and Start adding content to your lesson.


You can also copy an existing lesson to your new Unit.

  • Go to “My Resources” and under “My Library” open up the lesson you want to copy to your unit.



Now, from the left hand sidebar select the lesson you want to copy to the unit and click on “Copy to Unit”


Clicking on “Copy to Unit” will open up all your units. Select the Unit you want to copy the lesson to and that’s it!


Open up the Unit and check if the lesson is present under Unit. If you want to reorder the lessons under the Unit you can do so here from the left sidebar.



How can I create a Unit?

You can create a unit either by clicking on Unit under Create option on your Account Dashboard


Otherwise clicking on Create a Unit option present under dropdown CREATE on the main menu.

Can I upload the unit for sale?

Yes. You can offer your Units to other teachers through your profile.

Go to “My Resources” from the top right corner. Click on “Units” from the left sidebar. Click on “Send to my Store” for the unit you want to offer to other teacher. On the following page provide details of the unit and set a price for the unit, attach pictures and click save.

Note: you have an option to offer individual lessons of your unit for sale too. If you want to give the buyers an option to buy individual lessons from your unit then do specify this on the page that appears after you click on “Send to Store”.




Is there anything I need to know before uploading the unit for a sale?

Checklist before uploading a Unit for sale

  1. Make sure you have read the checklist for uploading a lesson.
  2. Price individual lessons appropriately
  3. Make sure the Unit is complete and is of high quality. You will not be able to edit it after it is sent to the store. You can delete it though and make a duplicate of the Unit which you can rename as version 2 and edit this version 2.

Can I buy/sell individual parts of the unit separately?

Yes. If the seller has made the individual lessons of a unit available for purchase than it will show under the product detail page from where you can buy individual lessons. Here is how it will look like on the product detail page


In what formats can I download the units?

You can download a unit, which was created on the EdHero platform, in DOC, ZIP and SCORM format.


How can I create a course?

You can create a course using the “Create” option on your dashboard or through the main menu (“Create”à Create a Course)

Give a Title to the course, attach standards and fill in other details of the course outline.


Now, add a Unit to the Course. You can either create a new Unit by clicking on “Create a Unit” or add an existing unit present under “My Units”. Refer to “How to add an existing Unit to a course?” for adding an existing unit.

 c46  c47



Fill out the details of the Unit outline.


Now, add a lesson to the Unit by clicking on “Create New Lesson

c49 c50

Add details to the lesson and you are all set

creation lesson

You can add as many Units and as many Lessons you want to the Course. Follow the same steps to add another Unit or another Lesson.

If you want to add an existing Unit or a lesson to a course then read the “How to add existing lessons to a unit?” and “How to add an existing unit to a course?


How to add an existing Unit to a course?

To add an existing unit to a course follow these steps

Open the unit that you want to add to your course.


From the left sidebar, find the unit you want to copy and using a small down arrow next to the Unit click on “Copy to Course” (for this example we will copy “Intro to Wildlife”)

Select the course you want the unit to be copied to (in this case we select “Course Demo”)


The unit should appear under the course you choose it to be copied to. In this case, it will appear under Course Demo.


From here you can reorder the units as per your needs.

You are all set.

Can I buy/sell individual lessons or units of a course?

Yes, Absolutely. We wanted to give as much flexibility as possible to you and therefore we have added an option where you can offer individual lessons and units of a course for sale.

So, buyers can either buy your complete course OR they can buy individual Lessons and Units. This is very helpful for the buyer when he/she is trying to gauge the quality of the resource before purchasing the whole course. So, make sure that every lesson or unit under your course is of highest quality.



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