4 Ways to Teach Growth Mindset and Positive Attitude

4 Ways to Teach Growth Mindset and Positive Attitude

Teachers contribute to the inspiration and motivation of students. As coaches and mentors, teachers should consciously instruct students on techniques for developing a positive attitude and growth mindset.

A positive attitude is characterized by a willingness to make mistakes and try again. A growth mindset is characterized by the ability for a student to make changes in their behavior to aim for a target. Whatever is his or her goal, a student with a positive attitude and growth mindset will attempt to achieve it.

How can teachers include such important life lessons?

Here are four easy techniques that teachers can implement in their classrooms right away.

Here are four easy techniques that teachers can implement in their classrooms right away.

1. Develop Confidence to Improve Mindset

Boost a student’s confidence level. Self-reliance thrives in an environment where there is self-assurance. A person who believes in their abilities and knows that they are on the right path in all aspects of development grows to become a better individual than someone who is in constant doubt. Self-doubt is detrimental to us and our students. Self-confidence can be embedded into a student’s mindset by talking positively to the student and giving genuine compliments. Notice something that the student is doing or an interest. Being aware of our students make them feel valued.

2. Show Approval and Give Praise

It is important for teachers to praise their students. It is a form of feedback that encourages repeated performance.  Praising success alone could counter the effects of the good performance. If so, the person praised will feel that the end product is more important than the process. This is a self-defeating habit of taking shortcuts in life like cheating in examination results. Counter this problem by ensuring that your positive comments are valid and worthwhile. Praise the process and notice the student to improve student attitudes and promote a growth mindset.

3. A Mastery Approach is Best

 Failure is no longer a badge of disappointment. It is a second chance. It is a repeat without the initial mistakes. Teachers need to understand that there is learning in failure. Lessons picked from instances considered as a failure should be used as tools for teaching a better tomorrow. Failure is often required before notable success. Such is the case innovations like the light bulb. Allow students to learn from failure to improve their attitude and develop a growth mindset.

4. Allow Ownership to Empower Students

 Students who are given ownership in the learning process become empowered. Their social and emotional situations need to be understood and appreciated. Choosing appropriate curriculum and offering choices can bolster their confidence and encourage full participation in the learning process.  Part of that learning process is to develop and maintain a positive attitude and a growth mindset.Growth mindset and a positive attitude in students go hand in hand with accountability and responsibility issues. It is important to structure the learning in such a way that the learners gain from the experience of failure and appreciate the processes that result in success.

A teacher should encourage growth. Every student must be taught methods and techniques for achieving a positive attitude and growth mindset. Keep in mind that students are growing. They may not have a positive attitude or a growth mindset yet.

We, as teachers, are powerful agents of these life lessons.

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