How to Save 2.5 Hours Every Week in 2017..

How to Save 2.5 Hours Every Week in 2017..

Ok we all like a moan, a particular student, a difficult colleague, my manager, oh yes I nearly forgot our workload. However In every school, in every country, exists a particular animal, an animal that you should be very aware of, for they are dangerous in many ways. Every lunch time they will gather from different departments, around the watering hole in the staff room, huddle in their small group and raise their voices to a new level and moan, they will complain about anything and everything, their very existence depends on complaining, for indeed Misery Demands Company.

We all work hard, we all work very hard but often this is not enough, we need to work smart and gain valuable time for our home life and doing the things we enjoy. What I am I going on about here, well let’s see if we can improve our work/home balance. Different schools will have different morning breaks and lunch times and what you do in that time is completely up to you. You can listen to the moans and WASTE time doing nothing, or you can work smart

Let’s take a 20 minute morning break and a 30-minute lunch. Well, we all need to introduce caffeine or a more healthy drink, and we all need to consume our nutrients to help us through the day, not forgetting a 5-minute healthy chat with colleagues. However what if, and this is the big if, we reduced our time in the staff room, or dare I say it actually drink and eat at our lovely desk in the empty classroom, silence is golden! We could actually save 30 minutes per day. Wow, a whole 30 minutes!

That’s 30 minutes you could be marking books, lovingly writing that personalised feedback, you could be grading tests, being happy and sad at the same time, you could be very creative in producing amazing lessons, or maybe just organizing and planning, there is so much you can do in 30 minutes, try it.

Now let’s do the math, this one is quite easy, 30 x 5 = 150 or two and a half hours you have just gained in a week, that’s 2.5 hours you WILL NOT be working at home every week, now suddenly that 30 minutes is looking attractive, and so it should be.

Imagine an extra 2.5 hours you can lie in and have breakfast in bed, or maybe enjoy your hobby or even spending time with your family. All you have to do is work smart.

At the end of the day it’s your choice, you can spend time enjoying yourself doing whatever you want, or you can waste time and  join the animals at the watering hole, spend time with the moaners complaining that they had to mark for 2.5 hours, they had to grade for 2.5 hours or indeed plan lessons on Sunday night.  Oh I nearly forgot, the one thing you will never hear them complaining about is the amount of holidays we get.

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